AvaTrace M80 & AvaNet 

This reliable and cost-effective solution saves time and resources on vibration monitoring measurement and data analysis.


With flexible automated online reporting and a user-friendly online platform, the AVA Trace M80 vibration measurement and reporting system makes gathering and analysing vibration level readings easy.

Data can be accessed from anywhere via secure log-in, including export plots and spreadsheets that give an overview of the project at a glance. The system automatically commences measurement after power on and restart and the online system detects and reports any power outages or alerts.

The AVA Trace M80 features a 3G modem for fast and reliable communication, automatic reporting, SMS and email alerts with output for local flashing alarm, an easy-to-use one button start and stop and "plug and play" functionality.

The web-based measurement system AVA Net handles all data collection, unit configuration, communication, processing, monitoring and storage of measurement data.


Users can also set alerts that automatically send an email or SMS to those responsible if a measurement exceeds permitted limits or if something is wrong with the equipment.



Childrens Hospital Dublin, Ireland


  • Up to 8 Month Battery Life

  • Compact and Portable

  • Automatic SMS and email alerts

  • Remote access (via 3G modem)

  • Web based system

  • External strobe light alarm unit available


  • Ground vibration monitoring

  • Piling vibration monitoring

  • Blast vibration monitoring

  • Demolition monitoring



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AvaTrace M80 monitor

Ground vibration monitor with flashing lights alarm