RESONATE SYSTEMS partner with clients to design and build measurement and control systems tailored to their project and application needs.
When project demands are not met by off-the-shelf systems, customers are often left to compromise on project outcomes.
Our custom systems aim to bridge that gap and deliver exactly what the client requires.
Supported by a team of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems engineers, we guide our clients from initial requirements gathering, concept designs and prototypes, through to deployment and testing.
With an ever growing list of deployed systems, our development team are able to leverage hardware and software designs from past projects to rapidly deliver custom systems built on tried and tested architectures.
Thanks to our philosophy and approach, every project we take on board results in a highly flexible, tailored and cost effective system.
Railway Noise and Image Monitoring
RESONATE SYSTEMS was engaged to develop and deploy a monitoring systems at key locations on a rail network to monitor noise levels from passing freight trains.
Microphones capture key noise metrics, a camera automatically identifies locomotive and wagon types and a laser distance sensor determines the average pass-by speed.
4G mobile broadband link provides Resonate Systems engineers with remote access to each system, while also enabling the automated transfer of data to a cloud-based server and stakeholder web portal.
Complex Control Systems
RESONATE SYSTEMS developed a National Instruments CompactRIO based control system that is part of an automated multi-axis test rig. The rig's three actuators are controlled simultaneously by the CompactRIO controller .
The CompactRIO controller measures load cell inputs to provide feedback position and velocity control at millisecond response rates.
To meet Australian, US, and European standards, the test system has been designed from the ground up to be flexible and responsive to  the changing client test requirements.

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