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Data Physics SignalForce SHAKER SYSTEMS

Data Physics is a global supplier of complete vibration test systems including vibration shaker tables, shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders, custom fixtures, vibration controllers, and dynamic signal analysers. This complete range of vibration test equipment makes Data Physics an ideal partner for nearly any vibration testing application.

All SignalForce products and vibration test systems, or vibration shaker systems, including high quality accessories such as head expanders and slip tables, are manufactured in the USA or the UK by Data Physics. Data Physics acquired and integrated shaker manufacturers Gearing & Watson Electronics, Ltd. and Ling Electronics, Ltd. (Genuine Ling). Data Physics is a leading manufacturer of sound and vibration test equipment, electrodynamic vibration systems and vibration tables. Product service is provided from both direct and partner service centres located around the globe, with direct service centers on both coasts of the USA, the UK, China, and India.

LE 5022-3 shaker Water Cooled Shaker

SignalForce electrodynamic shakers are available as turnkey vibration test systems from 9 N to 222 kN for vibration testing and precision excitation applications.

SignalForce amplifiers provide very high levels of efficiency with superior levels of performance and are suitable for driving shakers from all manufacturers.

SignalForce IGBT MultiBay Amplifier Data
LE_5022-3_shaker Data Physics.png

SignalForce head expanders, head expander guidance and load support, slip tables, monobases and fixtures are made with quality and performance in mind.

Hedex on cut out shaker.png

Data Physics manufactures spare parts and provides maintenance services including, installation, relocation, repair, calibration and maintenance.

Shaker service will be offered by RESONATE SYSTEMS in partnership with Data Physics.

With Data Physics service centers located  in the Unites States, the United Kingdom, China and India, RESONATE SYSTEMS is able to aid users with fast, shaker maintenance and shaker repair services including shaker systems manufactured by other manufacturers.

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