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As an NI Alliance Partner with fully accredited staff, RESONATE SYSTEMS can bring new software projects from concept to delivery, or implement updates to revive existing software by applying best practices and an agile approach.
RESONATE SYSTEMS specialise in delivering LabVIEW™ software projects to production levels; applying rigour, clear thinking and clean design to ensure the end goals are met and that the resulting software is maintainable in the future.
  • Development of interactive user interfaces for control and data visualisation
  • Interface state-machine architectures for structured control and logging applications
  • Development of stand-alone applications for multi-channel data acquisition and analysis on CompactDAQ and CompactRIO hardware platforms
  • Development of software applications to monitor and manage multiple systems with custom communication protocols
  • Development and deployment of LabVIEW™ Real-Time and FPGA applications on PXI and CompactRIO platforms
  • Integration of third-party APIs for control and monitoring
  • Development of advanced signal processing and analysis algorithms
  • Development of real-time feedback (PID) control applications


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  • Assisted in identifying and addressing configuration bugs in existing 3rd party LabVIEW™ application within a very short time frame.
  • Developed the user interface of a production critical temperature control system.
  • Refreshed user interface of existing analysis software
  • Upgraded existing software to interface with new hardware following replacement of obsolete equipment.
  • Replaced manual lab testing with automated test sequencing
  • Migrated an existing application to new operating system
  • Developed a LabVIEW™ User Interface application to interface with 3rd party robotic hardware
  • User interface and multi-channel control software to integrate with 3rd party industrial actuators.
  • Implemented high rate adaptive filtering on FPGA

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