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Spicer Consulting is the first and leading supplier of magnetic field cancelling systems.
Electron microscopes operate in ambient magnetic fields that include earth’s magnetic field and fields radiated by electric power, networks and electrical machines.
When the ambient field changes, the electron beam in the microscope is deflected, causing a loss of resolution and image distortion. 
Spicer Consulting systems can stabilise the ambient magnetic field to restore the resolution and accuracy of an electron beam system.
The magnetic field is stabilised by dynamically creating nearly equal and opposite field changes. 
SC22 Control Unit
  • Lower cost
  • Cancels and displays AC fields only
  • Automatic setup
  • Colour LCD display
  • Simple 3-button user interface
  • 50 x field reduction at 50/60 Hz
Spicer SC22 Product Guide
Spicer SC22 Product Guide
SC24 Control Unit
  • Higher performance
  • Cancels and displays AC and DC fields
  • Touch screen user interface with automatic setup and DC reset
  • Built in mixer for dual sensors and test field generator
  • 50 x field reduction at 50/60 Hz
  • 400 x field reduction at DC with DC sensor
Spicer SC11 Compact - Product Guide
Spicer SC11 SI - Product Guide
Spicer SC11 Auto - Product Guide
SC11 Compact Analysis System
  • Lower Cost
  • Easy to Use
  • Can run without AC power
  • 3 –axis AC magnetic field sensor
  • 1 x accelerometer included
  • 1 x sound level meter included
  • An optional flux gate magnetometer can be added to measure DC magnetic fields
  • Recommended for SEM site
SC11 Sensor Interface Analysis System
  • Higher performance
  • More sensor options
  • SC11 Sensor Interface included
  • AC powered 120/240V, 50/60 Hz
  • 2 x magnetic field sensor inputs
  • 3 x accelerometer inputs
  • 1 x precision microphone input
  • 1 x BNC input
  • Recommended for SEM and TEM site surveys
SC11 Auto Survey System
  • The ultimate SC11/SI system for automated surveys
  • 2 x magnetic field sensors included
  • 3 x accelerometers included
  • 1 x precision microphone included
  • 1 x BNC input
  • Tripod for sensors included
  • Large carrying case included
  • Recommended for SEM and TEM site surveys

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