Resonate Systems was engaged to develop a framework to interface, configure and provide a consistent and scalable method of communicating with several instruments.


Ten pieces of lab equipment, from the OPOs (Optical Parametric Oscillators) to simple rotating stages were interfaced.


With the use of  National Instruments’ TestStand and LabView software, Resonate Systems was able to combine the functions of each piece of equipment into one experiment sequence thus dramatically reducing the time required to obtain individual spectra

"In the past few years we have embarked on creating a highly-automated research facility for real-world industry problem-solving. Resonate Systems have been valuable partners, delivering software integration of a complex and diverse array of instruments, working hard with us to offer a solution that works for our needs.

Resonate’s speed of iteration, ability to engage and understand the challenge and our needs and their delivery of results and ongoing support have been paramount in creating a world-class facility.

We feel that Resonate has been an excellent partner in this process and have already recommended them to other partners seeking to implement automated computer control of research instrumentation"

Georgios, The University of Adelaide




Resonate Systems developed and delivered a new tow bar testing equipment to Milford Industries.


This test rig enables Milford to extend its test capabilities allowing them to broad their market reach in Asia Pacific regions and Europe.


Both concept and full scale systems are based on National Instruments (NI) hardware interfacing with a range of external load cells, motor drivers and actuators.

"Recently, Resonate Systems Pty Ltd, the engineering authority in control systems, developed and delivered new testing equipment to us here in Camden Park, SA. Strikingly, this testing rig, the first in its kind in the world, has capabilities of revolutionising the automotive towing industries.

We here at Milford Industries are extremely pleased with the professional work that Resonate Systems engineered, built and delivered to us. Michael Foo and his dedicated team have always provided us with a clear and concise timing activities and costing as promised. It was a pleasure doing business with a top-notch consultancy like Resonate Systems, and we look forward to future business together"

Huey Lam, Milford Industries Pty Ltd



APAL is an innovative 100% SA owned company specialising in soil, plant and water analytical services.

Resonate Systems worked with APAL to develop an automated high throughput spectroscopy process for analysis of soil and plant samples.

Resonate Systems developed the software to interface with the sample robot and the management and processing of sample data.


This project was driven by APALs commitment to using Research and Development to deliver to their customers.

Thanks for all your work, it looks great! Definitely very useful and will really help with decision making.

This is brilliant!


Dr Sean Mason, APAL


Resonate Systems developed a software application to automatically detect Fibre Bragg gratings in an optical fibre and mark their location.


Developed within the National Instruments (NI) Labview programming language, the software involved interfacing to a FBGS fibre interrogator and Lastek marking and printing jig.

Fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) allow optic fibres to be used as extremely sensitive temperature and mechanical strain sensors.


The research team have incorporated these sensors into medical devices such as catheters to give practitioners a high level of feedback and information to assist with monitoring conditions and procedures.

"Working with Resonate was a fruitful and very efficient exercise.


Both Mike Kidner and Michael Foo made themselves available at short notice and their willingness and ability to work around our own needs for equipment during the development and testing phase was very much appreciated"


Luke Parkinson, Flinders University

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