DataFlex is a fully automated, highly customisable system for monitoring a range of different environmental parameters including Vibration, Noise, Displacement, Strain, Force and EMI. 


Designed for highly technical projects with requirements that no single measurement device on the market will meet.

Resonate Systems is able to customise DataFlex to meet clients' specific project requirements with ease.


The DataFlex system can for example be used to establish background levels prior to construction as well as Environmental Plan compliance during construction and demolition near sensitive equipment or personnel.

DataFlex can however be customised to deliver a range of reporting or data needs tailored to specific client or application requirements.


  • Flexible and robust solutions - customised suite of Noise, Vibration, Strain, EMI, Load or Displacement Transducers available

  • Automated SMS and Email alerts - design triggering curves to meet your needs with frequency dependent trigger options

  • Automated data processes provide a focus on interpretation rather than collation and processing - reduced effort saves time and money

  • Automated data upload - monitor your site from wherever you need to be

  • Highly adjustable features - tailored to meet a large range of sensor sensitivities and frequency ranges




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