SC24 Magnetic Field Cancelling System

Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancelling systems protect sensitive equipment in the world's leading laboratories, universities and semiconductor manufacturing plants, as well as in the test facilities of electron and ion beam equipment manufacturers.


The SC24 system stabilises the field by dynamically creating nearly equal and opposite field changes to significantly improve microscope performance.


Electron microscopes have to operate in an ambient magnetic field comprising the earth’s field and fields radiated by electric power
networks and electrical machines.

When the ambient field changes, the electron beam in the microscope is deflected, causing lossof resolution and image distortion.

The SC24 system stabilises the field by dynamically creating nearly equal and opposite field changes, so microscope performance is much improved.

The SC24 system comprises a magnetic field control unit, one or two magnetic field sensors and three orthogonal axis multicore cables, that
are installed in the room where the field is to be cancelled.

Three power amplifiers in the control unit drive currents through the cables to create a field of the opposite sign to the change in ambient field.

The magnetic field sensor measures the resulting field and real time negative feedback reduces the ambient field by the loop gain of the system.

The system is dynamic, automatically responding
to field changes within 100 µs.


  • Makes the ambient magnetic field “OK” for the electron microscope

  • Adapts to field changes within 100 µs

  • Touch screen intelligent user interface with automatic setup and DC reset

  • Simultaneous AC & DC field display with choice of Tesla or Gauss units

  • Mixes dual sensors to create virtual sensor “inside” the EM column

  • Use AC sensors for cancelling 50/60 Hz AC line fields or:

  • Use DC sensors for cancelling tram and train DC fields and 50/60Hz

  • Built-in test field generator

  • Ethernet and USB ports for remote operation and monitoring


SC11 Compact Analysis System

The SC11/Compact is Spicer Consulting latest version of our popular site survey equipment. It features data acquisition and pre-processing by an embedded microcomputer in the magnetic field sensor, for
enhanced performance.


The separate data acquisition card (DaqCard) used by our earlier systems is not required. The computer interface is through an industry standard USB connection, which enables the system to be used with most modern laptops running Microsoft Windows.

The Compact Analysis System includes the SC11/Compact three axis AC magnetic field sensor, an accelerometer and a sound level meter. An optional flux gate magnetometer can be added to measure DC magnetic fields.

The system is powered from the laptop except for the sound level meter and magnetometer which have their own batteries. It is supplied in a rugged custom carrying case.


Thesoftware suite includes three virtual instruments, an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser and a chart recorder that display results graphically on the laptop screen. Also included are “SCplot”, a
comprehensive results plotting program, “SC11 Wizard”, which aids in setting up a single measurement, and “SC11 Survey”, which automates a complete survey.


The SC11 Compact Analysis system is a popular choice for site survey equipment and features data acquisition and pre-processing by an embedded microcomputer in the magnetic field sensor for enhanced performance.


  • Windows laptop powered measurement and analysis system

  • Data acquired and pre-processed in sensor with universal USB sensor connection

  • Measures environmental magnetic fields, vibrations and sound levels

  • 20 kHz Bandwidth in Scope and Spectrum programs

  • Measures 9kHz magnetic fields from wafer transport robots and 0.1 Hz field from trams

  • Ultra low noise seismic accelerometer for vibration measurements

  • Narrow-band and third octave spectrum analysis

  • Chart recorder with data logging for long term measurements


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