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Dr. Mike Kidner

Mike has over 15 years of experience as a professional consultant in the UK, USA and Australia. Specialising in signal processing, structural dynamics and data analysis, Mike's experience in the education sector mentoring post-grads in R&D programs, and seven years managing a team of consultants in a commercial environment, allows him to translate ideas into innovative practical solutions. Mike’s experience, wealth of knowledge, and ability to quickly grasp the key aspects of a project make him a valuable resource for our clients. His focus on continual improvement and staff development ensures every client receives the best solution for their needs.

Managing Director


Michael Foo

Michael has over 10 years of experience as a professional consultant in South Australia and specialises in software development on National Instruments hardware, machine dynamics, vibration analysis and system integration. He has designed and delivered systems of varying complexity from bus-ride comfort analysers to safety-critical software for autonomous locomotives.

Michael works closely with clients to understand their needs and project objectives, tailoring solutions that meet the requirements while balancing flexibility for future upgrades and expansion. As an experienced developer on large applications, Michael provides assistance through all stages of a project, from conception through to delivery and commissioning.

Technical Director


Maurizio Demontis

Following an early career in automotive product development with both OEMs and first tier suppliers, Maurizio has worked for over 18 years with market leaders in engineering simulation software, test & measurement solutions and service providers. Over the years, Maurizio has interacted across several industries sectors such as, aerospace & defence, automotive, government agencies, academia, consumer appliances. His favourite quote "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion" (W. E. Deming) encapsulates his drive over the years to help clients in capturing and understanding physical data. 

Business Development Manager


Andrew brings over 10 years of consulting experience in acoustics, signal processing and data management. His broad experience in measurement systems and hardware integration expands Resonate Systems' capability to deliver solutions to clients. In addition, his familiarity with environmental issues around planning, development and wind farms brings specialist knowledge that assists with understanding customer needs. Andrew also specialises in cloud based infrastructures, advising clients on best practices on secured data transfer, data storage, and data visualisation.

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Ben Wake

Ben graduated from the The University of Adelaide in 2016. His training and employment as a fitter prior to university has given him a solid grounding in the practical aspects of mechanical design and fabrication. His work on high channel count measurement systems during his award-winning final year project and on-site experience make him ideally suited to delivering the high quality of services and products that Resonate Systems provide. 

Mechanical Engineer


Steven joined the team in 2017 and is experienced in programming in a variety of languages including C++, Python, PHP, SQL and JS, with a strong grasp of general programming concepts and conventions. He is also experienced in digital and analogue electronics including the use of microprocessors and PLCs and creation of control systems incorporating the use of basic I/O and control methods, as well as PID control algorithms. 

Software Engineer


Alexandra has over ten years of engineering experience working in the fields of vibration, dynamic engineering and acoustics across a range of industries including power generation, mining, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. She is responsible for monitoring and managing the support aspect of deployed systems and equipment, troubleshooting and coordinating responses to customer requirements. Alexandra works with the Resonate Systems' development team during the project design phase to identify and implement future support requirements. This approach ensures Resonate Systems provides a reliable and consistent post-deployment support service.

Technical Support Engineer


Peter Huttenmeister

Peter has three years of experience working in engineering consultancy. Having a focus on hardware systems management and maintenance, Peter’s keen eye for detail and creativity allows him to support the Resonate Systems team in bringing concepts to creation efficiently and effectively.

Systems Support Engineer