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RESONATE SYSTEMS bring a range of expertise in data and signal processing.

With extensive experience in the analysis of complex signals and large data sets, we are well placed to bring a structured approach to your data analytic tasks.

Backed by our strong backgrounds in both engineering and mathematical sciences we bring perspective to each project and formulate a clear pathway through convoluted data processes focusing on uncovering meaning and understanding.

By listening to our clients’ high-level requirements and rapidly reflecting back examples and test cases, we can verify the whole team's understanding to ensure rapid progress against high technical risk aspects of the work.


Fast & efficient processing of structural vibration data

​When a client was faced with a punishing schedule of field trials,
RESONATE SYSTEMS developed processing tools that enabled immediate on-site feedback, reducing the risk of errors and costly project delays.

Laboratory QA Data Analysis

By collating over 12 months of laboratory control test data, RESONATE SYSTEMS were able to assist the client to see patterns and excursions in quality control that had not been visible up to that point.

This enabled the client to make important changes in their process and define new methods with the confidence quality metrics would not degrade.

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