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DATAFLEX is a flexible and robust solution for the acquisition, remote monitoring and analysis of physical phenomena.
DATAFLEX can measure a wide variety of raw signals with on-board edge processing, real-time monitoring, advanced cloud analysis and reporting and optional stakeholder web portal interfaces.

Application Focused Monitoring 

Suitable for a wide variety of remote monitoring projects, DATAFLEX is an application & user centric solution that offers standard and advanced setups that fit the most challenging requirements.

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DATAFLEX Flexible Advanced Remote Monitoring Solution

When and off-the-shelf-solution will not do

Have you ever found yourself reducing scope on a monitoring project because the available hardware did not offer:


  • The right metric(s) and/or calculations?

  • Customisable alerts and alert strategies?

  • A fit for purpose sensor selection?

  • Synchronisation across multiple monitoring locations?

  • Interoperability with other hardware and software solutions?

  • The ability to link directly to your own cloud service?

DATAFLEX is the end-to-end configurable ecosystem built on a platform of flexible hardware (FLEXDAQ) and remote cloud monitoring (FLEXSPACE).


DATAFLEX is the monitoring solution for physical phenomena that not only fits your project requirements but also your workflow preferences. It's so flexible, it's in the name.

Supercharge your monitoring via MODBUS

The MODBUS communication protocol interface further expands DATAFLEX capabilities.

By using MODBUS high sampling rate monitoring signals such as noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields, strain etc. can be interfaced with MODBUS capable systems.

By using MODBUS it is for example possible to interface environmental monitoring data to a Building Management System (BMS) to centralise all information a provide enhanced insights on the overall status of a building and to improve the comfort of its occupants.

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