With DataFlex, Resonate Systems introduces a very flexible and robust solution for the acquisition and analysis of physical phenomena. 

The DataFlex ecosystem opens the door to measuring a wide variety of raw signals with on-board and advanced cloud based data processing, real-time monitoring and an optional stakeholder web portal interface.

DataFlex can be adapted to almost any measurement and data analysis task and can be deployed for example, to conduct data surveys/studies, smart cities proof of concept, real-time monitoring, structural asset surveys and monitoring and much more. 

Several signal types can be combined in a seamless dataflow with custom analytics deployed to run on the hardware and more advanced routines available via the Resonate Systems cloud service FlexSpace.


  • Smart cities pre-deployment surveys/studies 


Industrial process studies and monitoring


  • Manufacturing process optimisation through measurement and analysis

  • On-vehicle monitoring (train, bus, truck, boat) with GPS data and video overlay

  • Structural monitoring (stress, strain, displacement) of buildings, tunnels, bridges

  • Impact monitoring during transportation of sensitive equipment 




With sample accurate GPS synchronisation ((<5ns), multiple DataFlex systems can be distributed to capture and analyse data across multiple locations.

For example, correlating data from moving vehicles and stationary locations is relatively simple and requires no additional, complex synchronisation protocols. This provides enhanced analysis capabilities and leads to greater insights.

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