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Test and validation programs are critical to the delivery of functioning and reliable systems.

RESONATE SYSTEMS partners with clients to deliver tests systems from prototyping and development stages, through to production and end of line testing.

Typically involving a mix of hardware I/O, measurement and control, RESONATE SYSTEMS  engineers can tailor the test system to meet detailed customer requirements; capturing high or low rate data and presenting operators with relevant controls and information. 


System Example

To accelerate testing of complex firmware during the development phase, RESONATE SYSTEMS developed a multi-channel hardware simulator that enables developers to simulate analogue and digital I/O into their control board.


The simulator facilitates a range of test scenarios, including fault and failure scenarios, all in the safety of a simulated environment.

Designed with a modular software and hardware approach, the simulator can be reconfigured as the firmware is upgraded, or new control boards are developed.

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