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Machine Condition Monitoring

RESONATE SYSTEMS developed on-line monitoring solutions are based on the NI CompactRIO (cRIO) hardware and InsightCM condition monitoring software platforms.
cRIO edge devices support the direct data acquisition of a wide variety of inputs (E.G. vibration, voltage, current transformers).
The cRIO edge devices also provide realtime analysis of vibration and electrical signals.
cRIO hardware can be fully integrated into SCADA systems and a web based NI InsightCM condition monitoring software server.

A fully Integrated Condition Monitoring System

Equipment condition information in isolation is not enough to make the decision to shutdown a piece of equipment or to take it out-of-service for maintenance work.

In addition to condition parameters a reliability or maintenance engineer is interested in the associated process or operating parameters, i.e. running speeds, flow rates, pressures, power consumption, ambient temperatures, etc. Changes in operating parameters, in conjunction with the deteriorating condition, provide a more detailed picture of the severity of a fault, or even indicate the root cause.
With a closely integrated system, the condition data and operating parameters can be stored within the same database enabling more complex analysis to be performed. 

The NI InsightCM software platform gives access to data trending, configurations and alarms.
The secured browser-based interface provides an interface to configura measurement channels, set analysis parameters and alarm levels/tresholds.
The analysis toolset includes parameters such as time waveforms, frequency spectra, Bode and orbit plots and many more.
InsightCM’s database retains historical data and enables direct access to trend data across all channels and analysis parameters.

Adelaide O-Bahn Tunnel Ventilation Condition Monitoring
NI CompactRio
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