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SignalForce amplifiers, or shaker amplifiers, provide very high levels of efficiency with superior levels of performance.


These amplifiers occupy little space and are suitable for driving shakers from all manufacturers, as well as other laboratory applications.


While new shaker systems include matched amplifiers, Data Physics engineers can match our modern power amplifiers to any electrodynamic shaker.

EMC has been a major factor in the design of the digital switching amplifiers.


Full use has been made of Faraday cages, compartmentalization, filtered interconnections, segmented wiring, common mode chokes for symmetrical currents, mains filters, optical coupling of signals and screened cables.


All amplifiers are also available CE marked.

Linear amplifiers are available from 30 VA to 1000 VA and digital switching amplifiers are available from 1 kVA to 470 kVA.


Switching amplifiers are used for medium and large shakers and are commonly replaced on very old shakers.

Switching Amplifier Features:

  • Up to 95% efficient

  • Switches at > 105 kHz

  • 1 KVA, 5 KVA, and 10 KVA modules

  • Includes field and degaussing supplies

  • Safety interlocks

  • Protection against over current and over temperature

  • Remote and chamber interfaces

Data Physics SignalForce IGBT amplifier
DSA5-1K Shaker Amplifier


Increased shaker’s performance with SignalForce IGBT amplifiers.

Designed with the Data Physics LE-series water cooled shakers in mind, the new LE-DSA15 IGBT amplifiers are based on the same reliable and robust architecture as the LE-DSA10 series units which have a proven track record of continuous high output operation.


The LE-DSA15 amplifiers are rated for 200 Vrms continuous operation which will allow for high velocity testing without the need for an output transformer.


When connected to a LE-DSA15K amplifier, the LE-2016-3″ shaker systems are capable of up to 4.32 m/s velocity shock at 11 mSec.

5.08 0 50m 100m s 150m Velocity Max = 4.25 IGBT Amplifier Test / DP-DSA15-120KVA / 11 msec full power shock / 24/3/2017 10:32:04 AM 200m -5.08 2.54 -2.54 0 m/s
200 0 50m 100m s 150m Control Max = 108 IGBT Amplifier Test / DP-DSA15-120KVA / 11 msec full power shock / 24/3/2017 10:32:04 AM 200m -200 100 -100 0 g

The elimination of the output transformer allows the shaker to be direct-coupled, making it possible to operate the shaker at
less than 5 Hz.

The transformer less design also eliminates the need for switching for sine, random, and shock profiles. The overall size of the amplifier is thus reduced, freeing up valuable floor space in your vibration test laboratory.


Multi-bay digital switching amplifiers represent a sizeable investment and can provide a significant amount of power, generally more than 120 kVA.


With large systems and amplifiers it becomes more important to monitor and control the amplifier remotely and instantly.


The E-Link remote control interface does just that by providing the user easy access via an Ethernet connection to the amplifier allowing remote control of all amplifier functions and providing a remote dashboard of all amplifier parameters. This means you can optimize the amplifier setup for each test right from your control desk.

E-Link allows the user to remotely shutdown extra power bays or reduce the field current when running low force tests. The result is not only less wasted energy and lower energy costs, but increased life of the system for reduced maintenance costs.

E-Link Features:

  • TCP/IP Connectivity – not cable length prohibited, such as RS-232 or USB devices

  • Complete Amplifier Control and Status Monitoring

  • Digital Gain Control

  • Digital Armature Voltage and Current readouts with visual indications showing high and low limits

  • Digital Field Supply Voltage and Current readouts with visual indications showing high and low limits

  • Armature and Field Coil water temperature monitoring

  • Armature Temperature Monitoring

  • Persistent Emergency Stop and Gain Control on every tab

  • Fully integrated Fault Monitoring

  • Switching for Sine/ Random Selection

  • Switching for Field Current- 50% and 100% field

  • Output Waveform Display for Diagnostics

Data Physics E-Link Software
Data Physics E-Link Software 2
Data Physics E-Link Software 3
900 Series
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