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Test System Strips


With a history of more than 35 CUBE™ installations since 1994, Team Corporation has taken 6 Degree of Freedom testing capability to new levels.


An advanced technology hydraulic test system that offers 6 Degrees of Control, the CUBE™ can accurately replicate virtually any vibration environment, including very high frequencies, with precise digital control.

The CUBE™ simulates real-world 6 Degree of Freedom vibration with complete, simultaneous control of the amplitude and phase of all 6 Degrees of Freedom.


Offering simultaneous or sequential excitation of test articles in Sine, Random and Time Wave Form Replication, the CUBE™ sets the standard for multi-axis vibration testing.

TEAM Corporation - Cube 6DOF


  • Force rating of 62 kN in each axis

  • Six patented Integrated Shakers provide precise, simultaneous or sequential control of all 6 Degrees of Freedom to beyond 500 Hz.

  • Excellent replication of measured data to higher frequencies than ever before

  • Standard 50mm displacement in X-Y-Z. Available 100mm vertical displacement.

  • Hydrostatic bearings assure long life and low maintenance

  • Small 1.2M x 1.2M footprint

  • Five active mounting surfaces allow simultaneous unit testing

  • Available Head Expanders increase the mounting surface according to your test article requirements

  • Available thermal barrier for use with environmental chamber

TEAM Corporation - Cube Squeak & Rattle Testing


  • Automotive Component Testing

  • Automotive Suspension Testing

  • Battery Testing

  • Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Testing

  • Avionics Testing

  • Package Testing

  • Military Transportation Canister Testing


MANTIS™ is the system of choice for those requiring high frequency, large displacement, and extended payload capacity.

Through the use of hydrostatic bearing technology pioneered by Team Corporation in the vibration test market, MANTIS™ has the performance to simulate real-world events that were previously unattainable.

Custom engineering is a hallmark of Team Corporation. MANTIS™ can meet a wide variety of testing needs, as it is available in a standardized model and can also be customized to fit special requirements.

Table size, payload capacity, stroke length and a wide range of excitation levels are possible.


All bearing surfaces are hydrostatic, eliminating the noise inherent with mechanical bearing designs.

The high load carrying capacity and extreme stiffness of hydrostatic bearings make them ideal for reacting loads for extended time periods.


An added benefit is the absence of metal-to-metal contact, eliminating friction and consequently improving long-term performance.

TEAM Corporation MANTIS 6DoF Vibration Test System


  • Frequency 0 - 100 Hz

  • Force ratings up to 150 kN

  • Single axis to 6 axis vibration

  • Displacements up to 150 mm

  • Table size: 1.5 m x 2.1 m

  • Friction-free hydrostatic bearings

  • Hydrostatic bearings for bell cranks

  • Hydrostatic HydraBall connections on all actuators
    Minimal Maintenance

TEAM Corporation MANTIS 6DoF Vibration Test System - Detail 1


  • Automotive BSR (Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle) testing

  • Seat Testing

  • Automotive Component Testing

  • Recreation Equipment Rack Testing

TEAM Corporation MANTIS 6DoF Vibration Test System - Detail 2


The Tensor 18kN™ 6 DoF vibration test system expands on the design of the smaller and more compact Tensor 900.


The system is designed to be over-determined – utilizing proprietary oil-cooled ED shakers for excitation out to 2,000 Hz.

However, the larger design incorporates twelve individual 900 lbf RMS shakers to drive a 750mm square table.


With four shakers in each axis, this system produces 16kN RMS per axis, and has a bare table moving mass of nominally 195 Kg.

The Tensor 18kN™ represents cutting edge technology in multi-axis testing and incorporates an integrated, air-isolated and highly damped reaction mass capable of 12g peak sine (bare table) and 9g RMS (bare table) random acceleration.

TEAM Corporation TENSOR High Frequency 6DoF Vibration Test System


  • 5-2000Hz frequency Band

  • 21.4kN (Sine) All Axis

  • Oil Cooled Custom ED Shakers

  • Hydrostatic Bearings Throughout

  • 750mm Mounting Table

  • Power Amplifier Set (120 kVA total)

  • Highly Damped Reaction Mass

  • Hydraulic Power Supply

TEAM Corporation TENSOR High Frequency 6DoF Vibration Test System - Detail 1


  • Sensitive Electronics Testing

  • Avionics Validation

  • Communication Equipment Testing

  • PCB Testing


Tensor 900™ is a fully contained multi-axis vibration test system capable of precise control of all six degrees of freedom through a 5 kHz bandwidth.


The system can reproduce real world vibration environments by simultaneously exciting all three linear translations, as well as all three rotations, to a frequency level never before achieved.

This unprecedented performance has been made possible through the use of Team Corporation's expertise in hydrostatic bearing design and multi-axis system engineering.


Team Corporation’s addition to the TENSOR™ Family of Multi-Axis Test Systems provides unmatched performance in high-frequency, simultaneous excitation.

TEAM Corporation TENSOR 900  High Frequency 6DoF Vibration Test System


  • Simultaneous or sequential excitation of X, Y, and/or Z axes

  • Sine Force Rating of 900 N 

  • Random Force Rating 600N

  • Complete control of rotations around all axes

  • Bandwidth from 10 Hz through 5 kHz

  • 15 Grms (22g Sine Bare Table) acceleration on nominal payload

  • Fully contained system (electrical power only requirement)

TEAM Corporation TENSOR 900 High Frequency 6DoF Vibration Test System- Detail 1


  • PCB Testing, tin whisker research

  • Accurate replication of true vibration environments in all 6 DoF

  • Accelerated durability life cycle and fatigue testing

  • Product development Testing

  • Rapid screening of electrical components and modules

  • Addresses new multi-axis protocol in MIL STD 810 (G)


Team Corporation's unique 4-Poster System is designed specifically for full vehicle testing.


Featuring low-profile, low-noise actuators equipped with hydrostatic bearings, Team 4-Posters are ideally suited to end-of-line and development testing applications.


Our compact actuator modules are ideal for smaller laboratories.


Available in a range of load capacities and fixed or adjustable wheelbase configurations suitable for passenger cars through light trucks, Team's 4-Poster Systems are as flexible as they are economical.


When separated, each actuator module can be used as a stand-alone vertical vibration test system.

TEAM Corporation Four Poster Vehicle Test System


  • Configurations for passenger cars and light trucks.

  • Low-profile actuator design.

  • Hydrostatic bearings for high moment capacity and long life.

  • Numerous control configurations.

  • Independently controlled actuator motion.

  • Compact footprint for each individual actuator.

TEAM Corporation Four Poster Vehicle Test System - Detail 1


  • Squeak and Rattle Testing of Full Vehicles

  • End-of-Line Squeak and Rattle Testing

  • Reproduction of Test Track Data

  • Vehicle Durability Testing


High-performance, versatile, and cost-effective, Team Corporation's horizontal vibration test systems have been developed to take advantage of our high-performance T-Film™ Slip Table for horizontal test article guidance and support.

With the modular line of components, Team Corporation can provide you with a system that is best tailored to your test requirements.


The actuator force, stroke and velocity are optimized to provide the highest frequency response within your budget constraints.

Team Corporation horizontal systems are designed to work with almost any off the shelf controller and offer the full spectrum of sine, random, sine on random, random on random, or resonant search and dwell control.

TEAM Corporation Horizontal Vibration Test System


  • Modular Bearing Design for Flexible Sizing Requirements

  • Integrated Zero Wear T-Film™ Bearings*

  • Overturning Moment Measured In Millions Of lb-in

  • High Load Capacity and Dynamic Stiffness

  • Maintenance Free*

  • Available Drive Adapter For Use with All ED Shakers

  • Available Air Isolated Laminated Steel Reaction Mass

  • Available Thermal Barrier For Use In Environmental Chambers

  • Available Hi-Yaw Control Bearings for Low Cross Axis Control

*When oil is maintained to ISO 15-13-10 standards


  • Electronic Component Testing

  • Tall, High Center of Gravity Test Objects

  • Transportation Canister Testing

  • Large Cabinet Testing

  • Thermal + Vibration Testing With Large Fixtures

  • Long Stroke, Low Frequency Testing

  • Satellite Testing With 3m x 3m Table

  • Mil STD Testing to 2000Hz


Team Corporation's vertical vibration system is particularly advantageous for vibration tests requiring high force, long stroke or very low frequency capability.


With control software options of sine, random, sine on random, random on random, or resonant search & dwell, your Team vertical vibration system will provide consistent, reliable test results year after year.

RESONATE SYSTEMS and Team Application Engineers will evaluate your requirements and determine the appropriate actuator force, stroke and velocity requirements to provide the highest frequency response within your budget constraints.


Team vertical vibration test systems are available with an air isolated seismic base that will eliminate low frequency vibration transfer and allow placement in your test facility with no modifications to the standard industrial floor structure.