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Test System Strips


The Team Corporation HydraBall is a hydrostatic bearing, oil-supported ball joint with non-contacting surfaces.


Using the HydraBall instead of conventional rod ends saves time and improves test results because no greasing or adjustment is required.


The Hydraball provides a zero backlash, zero friction coupling that offers an extremely stiff direct load path.


HydraBalls are a low-noise, cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free replacement to conventional rod ends.

The HydraBalls' smaller package and revolutionary design eliminates pin shear associated with typical clevis pin assemblies.


There are no high-pressure seals to wear out or cause friction to compromise test results. The Team HydraBall requires only 0.751 lpm of oil at 3,000 psi (205 Bar).

HYDRABALL Hydrostatic Bearing Ball Joint


  • Direct Load Path

  • Eliminates Backlash

  • Eliminates Friction

  • Easy to Install

  • Offers flexibility on Installation

  • Low Maintenance, Long Life Product

HYDRABALL Hydrostatic Bearing Ball Joint - Detail 1


  • MAST Tables

  • Load Frames

  • Multi Axis Systems


The V-8 and T-8 Hydrostatic Bearings are Team Corporation's most popular stand-alone bearings.


Hydrostatic bearings are supported by a thin film of oil and have non-contacting surfaces providing zero friction, and low noise.


The V-8 and T-8 are easy to use, cost-effective, and virtually maintenance-free.


The base of each bearing features an "air pad" to facilitate movement and alignment.


A filter on the inlet line assures that only clean oil reaches the bearing.


Each bearing can carry as much as 4535 kg of vertical load capacity, so most test packages can be accommodated with 4 or 6 bearings.

T-8 and V-8 bearings are designed for use with electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers with a maximum 50 mm of stroke.

Team Corporation V8 & T8 Hydrostatic Bearings


  • Stiffest bearing system available.

  • Easily stored when not in use.

  • Air pad for ease of movement and alignment

  • Low-maintenance

  • 63.5 mm stroke

  • 44.5 kN vertical load

Team Corporation V8 & T8 Hydrostatic Bearings - Detail 1


  • Slip Table Expansion Outriggers

  • Guidance of Heavy or Oversized Test Specimens

  • Create Custom Slip Table for Heavy Test Articles

  • Support Oversize Horizontal Fixtures


Team hydrostatic pad bearings are used to guide and restrain large packages during vibration testing.


These unique bearings form a hydrostatic oil film between a working surface on the package or fixture, and the "pad" of the bearing surface interface.


Team hydrostatic pad bearings are extremely stiff, providing the high level of restraint required to keep cross-axis motion to a minimum.


When used in conjunction with a 3,000 psi (206 bar) oil supply, Team hydrostatic pad bearings are friction free and require almost no maintenance.

Specialty pad bearings with larger force ratings and greater angular rotations may be available depending upon your application requirements.

Team Corporation Hydrostatic Pad Bearings


  • Two Hydrostatic Bearing Surfaces Each

  • High Dynamic Load Support

  • Self-Aligning

  • High Moment Constraint*

  • Friction Free and Maintenance Free**

*When used in pairs and properly aligned

**When oil is maintained to ISO 15-13-10 Standard


  • Slip Tables

  • Guided Head Expanders

  • MAST Systems


Team Corporation's Torsional Vibration Table (TVT) provides the option to convert linear vibration into torsional vibration, thus expanding your shaker's capability.


Use of a specially designed Torsional Vibration Table is the only way to achieve torsional vibration at frequencies above 1,000 Hz.


The TVT is perfect for conducting torsional vibration studies of computer hard drives and sensitive electronic components.

TEAM Corporation Torsional Vibration Table


  • Three Hydrostatic Bearing Surfaces

  • Rigid Spherical Drive Coupling

  • Customer Specified Insert Pattern

  • Extends Linear Actuator Capability

  • Reaction Base height Adjustable to Match Existing Shaker Centerline

TEAM Corporation Torsional Vibration Table - Detail 1


  • Rotational Tests of Heavy Payloads

  • Electrical Component Testing

  • Aviation Guidance Systems Testing

  • Computer Hard Drive Testing

  • Hi Frequency Excitation*

*Shaker Dependent


Team Corporation's Hydrostatic Spherical Couplings transmit tensile and compressive forces while allowing angular misalignment.


Hydrostatic Spherical Couplings are used in applications for multi-axis vibration, structural fatigue testing, and any application where angular movement is required.


Each coupling connects the vibration system (Hydraulic or Electrodynamic) to the table / test article, protecting the system from damage due to misalignment or angular motion.

Single and Double pivot couplings are available, in either 0.5 degree or 6 degree configurations. Our double pivot couplings allow for angular and lateral misalignment.


Each spherical surface is hydrostatically lubricated for extremely high stiffness, zero backlash, and infinite life.

TEAM Corporation Hydrostatic Spherical Couplings


  • Hydrostatic Bearing Surfaces

  • +/- 0.5 Degree or 6.0 Degree Angular Rotation

  • Extremely High Stiffness

  • Zero Backlash

  • Zero Wear*

*When oil is maintained to ISO 15-13-10 standards

TEAM Corporation Hydrostatic Spherical Couplings - Detail 1


  • Multi-Axis Test Systems

  • Co-Planar Actuators

  • Fatigue Test Sytems

  • Custom Test Rig Configurations

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