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RESONATE SYSTEMS partners with clients to design and build control systems tailored to their project and application needs.

Through our team of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems engineers, we guide our clients from initial requirements gathering, concept designs and prototypes, through to deployment and testing.

With an ever growing list of deployed systems, our development team are able to leverage hardware and software designs from past projects to rapidly deliver custom systems built on tried and tested architectures.


System Example

RESONATE SYSTEMS developed and delivered a dedicated tow bar test rig controller to Milford Industries.


Thanks to the new system Milford has extended its test capabilities allowing them to broaden their market reach in the Asia Pacific regions and Europe.

Both concept and full scale systems are based on NI hardware interfacing with a range of external load cells, motor drivers and actuators.

The load from each cylinder is measured 2000 times a second as an input into a feedback control system to provide accurate and responsive force control.

A flexible user interface provides the user with manual control and a range of automated tests against Australian and International Standards.

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