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Test System Strips


Team Corporation manufactures a variety of actuator types and sizes for varying applications.


Our most popular choices are the 50, 60 and 80 Series linear actuators with rectangular bodies.


Available in 50 mm, 100 mm, 300 mm, the 50, 60 and 80 Series actuators are produced in a range of dynamic force outputs, from 8.9 to 222 kN.


Team specialty servo hydraulic linear actuators are available in sizes up to 4449 kN.

Team Corporation's 50, 60 & 80 Series servo hydraulic linear actuators have distinguished themselves in hundreds of varying applications under demanding operational conditions, and have demonstrated reliability and exceptional performance under the most demanding test environments.


All Team Corporation servo hydraulic linear actuators are fatigue rated and require almost no maintenance.

TEAM Corporation 50/60/80 Series Linear Actuators


  • One-piece, chrome plated piston rod for high strength and durability

  • Hydrostatic rod support bearings for accurate, frictionless motion and high moment capacity

  • Low pressure, low maintenance rod seals reduce maintenance and downtime

  • Integral dashpots prevent damage to the actuator due to sudden stops

  • Built-in LVDT displacement transducer

  • Rectangular body mountable in either horizontal or vertical orientation for flexible applications.

TEAM Corporation 50/60/80 Series Linear Actuators - Detail 1


  • Vertical and horizontal vibration test systems
    Multi-axis vibration test systems
    Fatigue Test Systems


Slip tables are used for horizontal vibration shaker testing.

Often copied, but never duplicated – Team Corporation's unique, patented T-Film bearing system offers an exceptional overturning moment capacity combined with the full low pressure oil support of a granite or journal bearing oil film type slip table.


This table system is assembled from a number of modular T-Film bearings.


Each bearing measures 300 mm x 300 mm and allows the table to be configured to the customer's test article size and load requirements.

The use of multiple bearings to completely support and guide the slip plate offers excellent dynamic stability and damping for better test results.


The design of the T-Film bearing provides a direct load path from the slip plate to the base, and is much more rigid than other guidance systems.

With a standard stroke limit of 62.5 mm and available stroke of up to 300 mm, Team Corporation's T-Film bearings will work with all modern long stroke shaker systems.

TEAM Corporation T-FILM Slip Tables


  • Very high dynamic load capacity

  • Excellent cross-axis control

  • Outstanding dynamic stiffness

  • Multiple load carrying bearings

  • Low pressure oil system

  • Team hydrostatic bearing design

  • Easy to switch to smaller slip plate Applications

TEAM Corporation T-FILM Slip Tables - Detail 1


  • Electronic component testing

  • Thermal + vibration with large fixtures

  • Long stroke low frequency testing

  • Large cabinet testing

  • Satellite testing w 3m x 3m Table

  • High CG test articles

  • Mil STD testing to 2000 Hz


Team Corporation's EX Series Actuator is a high performance, versatile and cost-effective vibration test system component.


EX Series Actuators have been developed specifically for vibration testing and integrated test systems requiring high force, long stroke or high frequency capability.


The EX Series Actuator will provide continuous, consistent and reliable test results year after year.

Team Corporation's EX Series Actuators are double acting, double ended, hydrostatically lubricated and designed to be stiff both mechanically and hydraulically.


This is achieved by using a heavy body cross-section, a large diameter one-piece piston shaft and by keeping the trapped oil volume to a minimum.


The actuator piston is internally supported by a thin film of high-pressure oil, commonly referenced as a hydrostatic bearing.


This feature eliminates metal-to-metal contact, providing virtually infinite piston life.


o provide position feedback, an LVDT (linear variable displacement transformer) is mounted concentrically within the piston shaft.

TEAM Corporation EX Series Hydraulic Actuators


  • Internal LVDT

  • Hydraulic Cushions

  • Over 500 Hz. capability

  • Hydrostatic Bearing Supported Piston

  • Fatigue Rated One-Piece Rod & Piston

  • Internal Porting-No External Drain Lines

  • Compatible with Team, MOOG and Industrial Servovalves

  • Low Pressure Seals (No annual teardown / seal replacement)

  • Spherical Bearings and Zero-Backlash Hydrostatic End

  • Connections Available

TEAM Corporation EX Series Hydraulic Actuators - Detail 1


  • MAST Tables

  • Load Frames

  • Multi-Axis Systems

  • Seismic Simulation Systems


Team Corporation's conventional and guided head expanders are expertly designed to offer the best dynamic response at the lowest mass and weight.


Conventional head expanders are available in standard sizes of 60 cm, 92 cm, 101 cm, 121 cm, 152 cm and 183 cm and in a variety of custom sizes to fit your specific application.


All conventional head expanders are hand crafted from aluminum or magnesium to fit your shaker requirements.

For projects requiring extreme stiffness and cross axis control, Team Corporation manufactures specialty guided head expanders to accommodate large payloads.


Our custom designed and extremely rigid head expanders are ideally suited for spacecraft component and satellite testing utilizing servohydraulic or electrodynamic shakers.


  • Rigid Body Weldment Construction

  • Integration With Most ED or SH Shakers

  • Standard Heavy Duty Steel or Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

  • Resonant Damping Material Available

  • EAR Mounting Surface Treatment Available

  • Fibre Reinforced Thermal Barrier Available


  • Package Testing

  • Component Testing

  • Spacecraft and Satellite Testing

  • Transportation Canister Bridged Article Testing


Team Corporation's hydraulic power supplies are designed for use with our components or for integration with components manufactured by others.


Each of our hydraulic power supplies is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger, high and low pressure interlocks for safe start up and reliable operation, multi-level filtration required for servo-hydraulic systems, and health monitoring sensors to identify temperature, pressure and filter condition.

Each Team Corporation hydraulic power supply is sized specifically to accommodate the pressure and flow requirements of our high-performance servovalves.


Many of our hydraulic power supplies are available with an optional quiet motor and pump assembly.

TEAM Corporation Hydraulic Power Supplies


  • Built-in heat exchangers with water saving valves*

  • High and low flow modes for safe start-up

  • Filtration to keep the oil in the ISO 15/13/10 condition required for servo systems

  • Health monitoring sensors including oil temperature and level pressure and filter condition.

  • Available in 3000-5000 psi (207 – 355 bar).

*Except HPS-6A (205-344 Bar)

TEAM Corporation Hydraulic Power Supplies - Detail 1


  • Hydraulic power supplies for vibration test systems and other precision servo systems

  • Hydraball, spherical couplings, individual T8/V8 Bearings and torsional bearing tables

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